In 1979, Buddy & Al bought the bar, previously known as CJ's and changed the name to the Foxhead. They were trying to decide on a name, when a customer walked in with a mounted foxhead, and that is how the name of the Foxhead came about. That fox is still hanging on the wall to this day.  

The Foxhead started the first free BBQ on the first Sunday of every month, which we continue to have, now prepared by the "Just Add Smoke" crew, Doc, Tom and Scotty. Foxhead is the home of the world famous Bloody Mary's, still only a $1.50 every Sunday, 8am til noon. We also have the first liquor license issued in Volusia County after prohibition ended, and we still operate under that historic license.  We became a well known stop for riding or driving from Orlando to Daytona.

We contribute to many local charities, many of them for children. Since Al's passing, his widow Linda and Loretta, a long time employee, are now the proud owners of the Foxhead Lounge, and we are continuing on with the traditions that Buddy and Al started.

Stop in and see Osteen's largest collection of spam,
and remember it's "Where Good Friends Meet".


Fox Head Lounge
280 North SR 415
Osteen, FL 32764